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At New Zealand Sea Adventures we offer you all essential support related to KISS Rebreathers. You can buy one from us and receive your training from us as well. This fantastic machine comes in two forms – Orca Spirit and Classic (the Explorer is a variation of the Classic). Both have a depth limit of  91m. Their time limits are 2.5 hours and 3.0 hours respectively in temperate waters and longer in tropical waters. These are really safe and simple re-breathers.

You will need a pre-requisite of Nitrox and be at least 18 years of age to attend the KISS CCR course.Bail Out Valves, CCR wellington

Tony is a TDI qualified CCR Instructor able to run the KISS Air Deco CCR course for you. This includes one pool session and seven OW dives to a maximum depth of 30m. He is also an IANTD Instructor qualified to certify a KISS Trimix CCR diver to 48m

We match these trusted rebreathers to the outstanding Shearwater technical computer range. This is a fantastic marriage of simplicity and technology. If you are considering purchasing a KISS rebreather, talk to us about the best configuration, cylinder choice and training option.

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KISS Orca LTE, CCR wellington


KISS Orca Spirit LTE Rebreather

The KISS Orca Spirit LTE is a lightweight rebreather that employs clever design features to reduce weight. This is a huge bonus if you intend to travel and dive the wrecks of the world. The Orca is suitable for recreational or technical divers and is rated to 91m. There are some innovative features, which includes the oxygen cylinder being placed below the scrubber unit, lending balance and comfort to the dive. The diluent gas is supplied from a side-slung off-board cylinder that also acts as the bail-out cylinder via your Bail Out Valve (BOV). At your initial level of training this will be 30m on air. Once you have the CCR pre-requisites and training, you may change the off-board cylinder gas to trimix, and start going deeper.  Read about the new Orca release in the Dive New Zealand Magazine here…

Air Diluent CCR Course   Decompression Proceedures CCR Course   Trimix CCR Course

Rebreather Packages
Classic KISS ccr, CCR wellington

Classic KISS

KISS Classic mCCR Rebreather

The KISS Classic is a strong, reliable and adaptable rebreather which is designed for both recreational and technical diving. Wreck, deep, cave, shallow reef, photography, the Classic KISS does it all in one clean, easy to use, well priced package. The Classic follows the traditional CCR design and has both the diluent and oxygen cylinders integrated into the back mounted unit. The bail-out cylinder can be plugged into the BOV via a hose and quick release assembly. The unit is rated to 91m but your initial maximum depth is 30m on air diluent. The Classic can also undergo an approved modification and be dived deeper than 91m (with suitable training).  Once you have the CCR pre-requisites and training, you may change your diluent gas to trimix and start going deeper.

Air Diluent CCR Course   Decompression Proceedures CCR Course   Trimix CCR Course

Rebreather Packages

KISS GEM SCR, CCR wellingtonKISS GEM Semi-Closed Rebreather

The GEM is a Passive Semi-Closed Rebreather (PSCR) that works on a similar loop/scrubber principal to the KISS CCR. It attaches to a standard scuba cylinder filled with Nitrox.

The KISS GEM is a simple rebreather that allows you to dump 1/3 of every breathe and recycle 2/3s. You will use a 36% to 40% Nitrox mix, so get the longer no-deco benefits of Nitrox as well. Currently the GEM has a safe diving range down to 30m, your recreational dive limit. The major difference with the KISS CCR is that the GEM diver is not mixing their breathing gas so there is far less technical responsibility.

The end result is that the diver’s gas supply will last three times longer. As the diver breathes a high percentage of Nitrox at every depth, the level of absorbed nitrogen at every stage of the dive is also reduced. This means longer safer dives – with 2/3 less bubbles to scare the fish.

GEM – SCR Course

GEM SCR Package

KISS and TDI – GEM SCR PackageKISS GEM SCR, Wellington Dive Gear

Learn to dive the GEM Semi-Closed recreational Rebreather, take the KISS GEM Diver Course (Gas Extending Mechanism). Make your cylinder last 3 times longer and you will be 3 times quieter, great for photography!  As we have but one left in stock from the occasional training dive, we have a one off Package deal including the KISS GEM SCR and the TDI GEM SCR Course.

  • Ex. Training KISS GEM SCR
  • Counter lungs, Harness & wing
  • Oxygen sensor
  • TDI GEM diver course
  • (finance available)

Package Price $3,900     (includes SCR training)

Shearwater Dive Computers

Rugged Dive Computers


I bought my Shearwater multi-gas computer to interface with my KISS Classic rebreather. However on several occasions I have dived it using SCUBA. When I Petrel -OC- CCR EXT, CCR wellingtoncompare it to previous multi-gas computers I have owned I am amazed. Switching gases above or underwater is the easiest I have experienced. All functions are controlled by two touch buttons. These are reliable and can’t jam.

The Petrel has a lot of menu functions, but there are very few you need on each dive. The process is easy as the menu is scrolled by one button and is selected by using the other button. It has big graphics and is easy to read under water. It is back lit and that brightness can be controlled. I was diving deep, using trimix and doing two gas changes and knew instantly which gas was which. The battery is user replaceable, and you can choose from several different types.Petrel -OC-CCR Standalone, CCR wellington

The switch from OC to CC is really easy. It monitors the CCR oxygen sensors by cable, or it will calculate deco using a set PO2. Any data that appears incorrect to the computer will result in that data being highlighted in bright colours. All data is very easy to read. Any decompression obligation is easy to read and shows the stops and time required.



Now we have the ultimate Heads-up-display as well. Shearwater have produced the NERD (Near Eye Remote Display), a fully self contained CCR HUD. It attaches to your CCR head by Fischer cable and Near Eye Remote Display, CCR wellingtonhas a user replaceable battery.You get real data such as PO2, CNS, depth, time, gas, required stops and deco obligation. This image is like reading a Petrel that is about 36cm (1 ft) away.

These are great tools for safe diving. If you need a more conservative reading, these computers will allow that. These are the computers to take you safely into OC or CCR tech diving – and get you safely back home again.

Tony Howell TDI:IT


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