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  • Safe and Enjoyable Diving – Wellington and NZ

    With the advent of long summers and great diving on offer, it’s surprising how much underwater time you can clock up and in no time you can feel there is nothing that can go wrong.  This is true if you are following safe diving practices and using common sense so we’ve put together some of our […]

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    The Value of Continuing Education for Scuba Divers

    Modern technology and advancements in scuba diver training have seen many a scuba diver certified with the minimum of time and effort.  In as little as 4 days you can become a certified PADI Open Water Diver!  This is great news for people looking to take up the sport and get out diving with your […]

  • Dive Diving Fins. NZ Sea Adventures Scuba Diving Wellington

    Choosing the right pair of diving fins

    With the variety of fin types, styles and material used it’s sometimes a little confusing when trying to decide on the right diving fins for your activity.  Will they do what I need them to do properly, do they fit, what’s a split or blade fin, open heel or full foot.  What fin’s do or […]

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    Start the Adventure of a lifetime…. TODAY!!!

    Start the Adventure of a lifetime today with the PADI Open Water Diver course at NZ Sea Adventures, Wellingtons Premier Dive Store. Ever wandered what it’s like to be able to breath underwater? Explore the underwater world and see marine life in it’s natural beauty. Discover sunken shipwrecks, dive deep or navigate the trickiest underwater […]

  • Christmas gift ideas for divers. Dive NZ Sea Adventures SCUBA Diving, Wellington

    Get a Diver the right gift for Christmas

    It’s the season for celebration and giving, we all want to give a gift that each of our family members, partner or friend will enjoy.   At NZ Sea Adventures we’re here to help make that happen in any way we can so here are a few ideas: Safety gear The no.1 thing on every divers […]

  • PADI Instructor Development Course, Wellington SCUBA Diving, Dive NZ Sea Adventures

    Becoming a PADI SCUBA Instructor

    Nowadays, a PADI Instructor qualification is more transportable than a degree – and it has the additional benefit of being recognised world-wide in over 183 countries in which PADI has established over 6200 Dive Centres or Resorts. Our graduates from the New Zealand Sea Adventures Instructor Development Centre are in training situations in New Zealand, […]

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    Buoyancy Control (via DAN)

    It’s not surprising that the most common injuries among divers are related to buoyancy issues—barotrauma, uncontrolled ascents, marine life injuries and more could be prevented with some practice and attention to detail. Inefficient buoyancy control can result in descending deeper than planned, altering the intended dive profile and potentially increasing air consumption. Constant adjustments to […]

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    KISS Classic CCR – Syntactic Foam Test Results

    In a previous copy of Dive New Zealand magazine, I told you that the first KISS Classic rebreather with a syntactic coated canister had arrived in New Zealand. I can now tell you how this innovation will save you money and extend your time underwater. At least three divers have already converted their KISS Classic rebreathers to syntactic […]

  • Beginner divers

    Beginner diving tips to avoid danger

    Safety is almost always at the forefront of any divers thinking, but occasionally and commonly even the most experienced and qualified enthusiasts find themselves in an uncomfortable situation.  The inevitable will come for every diver when a little surprise catches them off guard and they need to re-group a little to regain control of the […]